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IIHT - EDEXCEL Foray strategic Alliance

Edexcel, a Pearson company – the United Kingdom’s
largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications, and Indian Institute
of Hardware and Technology (IIHT), Asia’s leading technology training organisation in IMS,
today announced a strategic partnership that would pave way to revolutionize hardware
training globally. The partnership would enable IIHT to offer customised Edexcel BTEC
Higher National Diploma in Hardware Technology program (BTEC HND IMS).

This work-related qualification is expected to create a completely job ready, skilled talent
pool that addresses the needs of employers. The BTEC HND IMS program offers a
comprehensive 20 unit course that comprises of all the essential technologies. This is
imparted through 1,200 hours of skill based training with effective learning outcomes. After
completing the BTEC HND IMS Programme, students can pursue a lucrative career or further
enhance their knowledge by pursuing advanced degree programs.

The Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) industry, a USD 524 billion dollar market
globally and growing at the rate of 35%, is projected to offer more than 2 lakh jobs by the
end of 2010. It is a fact that there are 3 times more jobs than trained professionals in the
IMS industry today. Given the business dynamics, IMS can be offered as onsite or offshore or
as a hybrid model. IT infrastructure management plays a vital role in solving the growing
business needs of medium and large enterprises.

Addressing a press conference here today, Vivek Govil, CEO, Pearson Education said, “We
are extremely pleased to be working with IIHT and we believe it will become one of the
most high-profile international partnerships in the IT space. The BTEC pedagogy, its qualityassurance
model and IIHT’s delivery muscle will ensure we tap the potential of students
across India and cater to the huge manpower requirements of this industry”.

Speaking on the occasion, N Keshava Raju, CEO, IIHT, said, “As a pioneer we are taking the
next logical step by globalising our training program. By partnering Edexcel, we are not only
bringing international vocational training to India, but also taking the highly acclaimed
module to 15 more countries where we have presence. This alliance would provide IIHT the
much needed fillip and cement its position as a market leader in providing IMS training”.


Edexcel, as the name suggests is derived from ‘Education’ and ‘Excellence’. Edexcel was formed in 1996 as a result of a merger between BTEC and London University Examinations.  It is UK's largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing to schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in UK and across the world.

Educational excellence is at the forefront of its content and technology driven assessment solutions and performance is its main objective. Edexcel is leading the way in using technology to modernize educational assessment, support teachers and learners.

Edexcel offers a variety of qualifications, including A levels (GCEs), GCSEs and the BTEC suite of vocational qualifications in which it offers a range of BTEC qualifications from Level 1 to Level 7. It is an international organization, awarding over 1.5 million certificates to students around the world every year. It is also responsible for the marking of the UK National Curriculum assessments.

Since 2003, Edexcel has been a part of Pearson, the international publishing company. Edexcel operates both inside and outside the UK and provides vocational and academic qualifications in a large number of countries. 

IIHT in collaboration with Edexcel offers BTEC HND, an international certification course on Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)

  • BTEC Higher National Diploma in Infrastructure Management Services, aims at mastering the student on the knowledge pertaining to Infrastructure Management Services (IMS).


  • BTEC HND IMS course focus mainly on imbibing IMS knowledge in students and help them foster their growth and career success


Vision - To transmit IIHT’s experienced IMS knowledge across the globe and serve as a multi functional canon by helping the students and the IMS market to find the right match

Mission - To impart an effective IMS training by adopting latest IMS technologies and the best teaching methodologies

Action - BTEC HND IMS Course:

  • 22 Units comprising essential technologies (includes core and optional units out of which students must complete 16 units comprising 9 core units and 6 optional units)
  • 1200 Hours of skill based training with effective learning results  and each unit comprises of 75 Hrs.



BTEC HND IMS - Course Objectives

The proposed BTEC Higher National Diploma in IMS aims at mastering the student on the knowledge pertaining to Infrastructure Management Services (IMS).

  • To imbibe the IMS component in the students’ skill set and enable them to face the bright IMS career front


  • To introduce the new and latest technologies that are essential to the present IT-IMS industry


  • To enable the students to achieve the target jobs easily


  • To introduce a practical orientation in learning


  • To provide a learning that is equivalent to the much sort after vendor certifications


  • To build a successful career path for the Students



IIHT BTEC HND IT IMS – Course Structure

  • BTEC HND IMS course consists of 1200 training hours.
  • Each BTEC HND qualification is made up of a number of units which are based on the level 5 of BTEC being studied
  • Each unit is logically divided into parts,  which in turn is further designed with apparent learning outcomes and assessment criterion 
  • Each unit has predefined norms on its delivery and assessment methodologies. This specificity is structured in order to maintain the quality standards.  


BTEC HND IMS Course Details

There are 22 Units in total out of which the first 9 Units are CORE units which is mandatory. The remaining units are OPTIONAL from which students can choose seven units.

And hence, the students will be doing 16 Units in total to complete the course

Eligibility – 10+2 Students


Core Units

Optional Units

  1. Desktop Operating System Administration
  2. Network Fundamentals
  3. Routing and Switching Administration
  4. Managing, Maintaining Server Administration
  5. Unix Fundamentals
  6. Linux System Administration
  7. Storage Fundamentals
  8. Information Security
  9. Operating Systems and Networks


  1. Analytical Methods For Engineers
  2. PC Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  3. Managing, Maintaining Network Infrastructure
  4. Managing, Maintaining Active Directory
  5. Linux Network Administration
  6. Managing, Maintaining Application Platform
  7. Managing, Maintaining Enterprise Administration
  8. Mail Server Administration
  9. Internet Security Administration
  10. Network Firewall Administration
  11. Web Server Technologies
  12. Server Administration
  13. Database Administration (SQL Server)



Course Advantages

  • The key ideology behind the package of the customized BTEC Higher Nationals curriculum is to emphasis the learning on IMS industry.
  • Each unit is in sink with the other unit and it is a logical elaboration from the fundamental topics to the advanced ones.
  • We have tried to fit in the IMS components (desktop administration, Server administration, Network, Security and Storage management) in different units which are crucial for the motive of the course completion which essentially is a HND in IMS.
  • If observed the unit contents keenly, you can envisage the amount of emphasis stressed on practical training and the focus provided on the job oriented approach while designing the course pattern.
  • While the core components deals with the concepts, the specialized units are more practical oriented and are skill based.


Assessment for BTEC HND IMS Course

  • The process of assessment is very stringent in Edexcel. This is monitored in order to preserve the quality. The assessment is based on the application of predefined assessment criteria.
  • Assessment includes more number of practical based and real time scenario based questions along with some theoretical assessment for the conceptual learning.
  • Student has to clear 16 units in total in order to get the BTEC HND IMS certification.
  • All the units are predefined with a set of learning outcomes, assessment criterion. (Example for this is given in the following table. Unit Name: Network Fundamentals)

Learning Outcomes

Assessment criteria for pass

To achieve each outcome a learner must demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Be able to identify the various network components of a PC.

1.1.    Identify the various hardware and software components of a computer network.

1.2.    Install various network hardware and cables.

1.3.    Configure protocols like FTP and HTTP.


  1. Know how to design network systems



2.1.    Design a network system suitable for a given organizational set-up

2.2.    Implement the network system that is designed

2.3.    Discuss addressing schemes for TCP/IP in IPv4 and IPv6

  1. Be able to configure the network operating systems utilities



3.1.    Install and configure DNS server on a given operating system

3.2.    Troubleshoot issues that arise in an existing network operating system

3.3.    Install and authorize DHCP servers

  1. Understand how to implement and provide support for network services

4.1.    Provide support for a given network service

4.2.    Configure ICS within a given OS environment server/client computer

4.3.    Install software patches and updates

4.4.    Install and run an antivirus program

4.5.    Use Event viewer to diagnose network related problems


  • The student clears the unit, if he/she can successfully comprehend the defined learning outcomes.  This is tested by the assignments provided by Internal verifier to test whether the defined learning outcomes are learnt by the students.
  • The assessment process includes internal verification from the IIHT trainers which is further followed by external verification from Edexcel personnel.
  • The documentation of the projects or assessments conducted by the students need to be maintained by them in order to showcase them to the External Verifiers (EV). The documentation must include, the detailed procedures with screenshots, examples etc. based on the needs of the assessments. 


  • External verification is conducted twice annually. The centers has to maintain an assessment chart which contains the details on each student’s performance in the assessments
  • The students must clear all the units and assignments within 5 years which is the registration validity period.
  • The Centre should ensure the consistency of assessment decisions across all aspects of the assessment process and across all assessors through internal verification.

Resources that should be available at the Centers

}  Qualified Trainers

}  State-of-the-art Infrastructure

}  Excellent Course Material (Courseware and Online Materials)

}  Online learning and assessment support

}  Well equipped labs for practical classes

}  High end technology infrastructure

}  Good learning environment


Learner Support that should be provided by the Centers

}  Quality Training Delivery

}  Physical Labs

}  Courseware (ILT and elearning)

}  Virtual Labs

}  Remote Access

}  Industrial Tour

}  Expert Lectures

}  Online Discussion Forums

}  Self Learning Materials

}  WBT Materials

}  Online Assessment Services

}  Constant student support


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